Turkey, and Moore’s, and IHOP! OH MY!

I’m not one to do the daily Facebook thankfulness inventory that seems so popular around Thanksgiving. And, sometimes that makes me feel like I’m ungrateful. But, I’m over that now…I think.
I will say that I am so thankful for being able to celebrate and give thanks with my family. I’m also super thankful to have the opportunity to sleep in my own bed tonight!

(I used to think that I wanted to be a world traveler. Pretty sure that was the lofty dream of my single and kid-less self. Now, I find nothing more exhilarating than cuddling up with my own pillow, with my own special coffee mug, and watching Sesame Street with my little Diva.
Well, Sesame Street not so much; but the cuddling with my kiddo is pretty darn awesome.)

This past week found my little family traveling to the very bottom of Arkansas to visit family. THAT is a long drive when you have a toddler. We broke it up by staying with my parents one night, then continuing the next morning. Still, there is just no good way to make 7-8  hours go quickly when you are cooped up in a car.

Edit: Google Maps says it’s 5 hours and 43 minutes, however I think Google Maps is misinformed. I also think someone should put in a “traveling with toddler” option. Because, truthfully, that does add on at least an extra hour -especially if you do like us and stop at a teeny-tiny Wal-Mart to stretch stiff legs and find a cheap, special toy to guarantee at least 10 minutes of silence in the car. (Barbie keys and a Sophia the First cellphone for the win!)

Yes, folks, they still come without a “Super” attached. Wowzers.

We finally arrived in LA (Lower Arkansas for you non-Arkansans. 😀 ) and got our Thanksgiving partying on.
This introvert experienced daily noise overload, but it was so good to see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. With it being so far away, we don’t get down as much as I would like; but we were able to stay from Wednesday until Saturday, so we got a good visit in.

Nothing better than Grandma's dressing. Mandy's face says it all!

Nothing better than Grandma’s dressing. Mandy’s face says it all!

"Bivy" and "Zeese" chowing down

“Bivy” and “Zeese” chowing down – I adore their little names for each other!

Thanksgiving ala buffet

Thanksgiving ala buffet, Grandma’s dressing (a MUST), and gorgeous cookies

Just have to mention those awesome decorated cookies. A lady in my town makes those out of her house. I bought two dozen complete with pumpkins, turkeys, gourds, flowers, and leaves.
We got there on Wednesday evening. By Thanksgiving dinner, those three were all that were left! They are that good!
(Pretty sure my Grandpa did away with one of those dozens on his own!)

Also, take a look at my daughter’s shirt. My sister is awesome and made that for her. She pretty much rocks in the crafting world.
Just ignore the crying baby. Green beans make her emotional, apparently.


One highlight of the trip was a visit to the IHOP next to our hotel. Really, anything beats the prepackaged cinnamon rolls, cold cereal, and sketchy waffles at a not-so-great, never-staying-there-again hotel.
Loved walking over to the restaurant. Rivy and Zeke (Bivy and Zeese, according to those two little munchkins) had the best time holding hands with their favorite (only) cousin. So much giggling and talking. Makes my heart so happy to see their love and affection for each other.


The best part about IHOP?? Mandy and I scored a blessed 5 minutes alone when the hubbies took the kiddos for a walk while we were waiting on our breakfasts! I actually had a couple of sips of coffee without a little someone begging for her own sip.
Those sips of coffee were cherished, too, because by the bottom of the cup, I discovered some hash browns that  Zeke had somehow tossed into it.
I at least had an excuse as to why I took a drink and spewed coffee on my plate and back into the cup.
Seriously, though, it could have been a bug!!! I didn’t know!

I won’t bore you with all the family stuff from the week, but I do have to share this one last piece of gloriousness with you.

Moore’s Marinade.
Have you had it?
Oh my goodness!
It is by far the best stuff I have ever had in my life. Pretty sure it is partially responsible for this one time vegetarian suddenly craving ribeye steaks all the time.
It is so good that we made a special stop at the local Wal-Mart to pick some up.
Some….just a few ….ok…5 bottles. And only 5. Mainly because there were no more to be had.

Only 5 bottles. That hurt my heart a little bit. I had my heart set on at least 10 bottles.

I think the South knows when they’ve got something good. I also think the South is trying to hide it from those of us above the Grits Line. I have never seen it up in my current location or in my hometown…and I’ve looked many times.
Never fear, though. I will smuggle more as is needed!


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  2. Yes. A traveling with a toddler option really needs to be added to Google maps. And wow at what you found in your coffee cup. Priceless!

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