No Ugly Christmas Sweaters This Year!

Oh my holy cow!

I actually completed a project. Like, completed it weeks in advance.

This is an amazing accomplishment. I mean, really. I still have material to make curtains for my classroom. I started teaching at this school 3 years ago.

So that fact that my nephew and daughter will have a Christmas shirt is amazing. And not only a Christmas shirt, but TWO!! Earth shattering, folks.
Of course, Riverlyn still needs a matching hair bow, so I do have something to procrastinate on.

Anyway, enough about my crafting issues.

Last month, my sister and I decided to save a bit of money this year and make our kids’ holiday shirts. So, Mandy would make a Thanksgiving shirt for each of them and I would make the Christmas shirts.

For these shirts, I wanted a cute applique, but I’m not the best at sewing. So, I needed something fairly fool proof.

Enter Wonder-Under.

Have you ever tried this stuff? It’s a fusible web that is applied to the back of material, essentially turning your material into an iron-on applique. I’ve used other types of iron-on transfer paper, but this was my favorite to date.
It made my life complete – at least for this crafting experience.

After searching on Pinterest for some ideas, I had decided to make a boy and girl reindeer for Zeke and Rivy.
Then, I found an adorable truck for Zeke. This boy LOVES his “kuks”.
Then, I found an adorable Christmas tree made from ribbons. A definite need for my daughter.
I was stuck. I couldn’t choose between them. They were all so darn cute!

What’s a girl to do?
Make all four, of course!

After a glorious trip to Hobby Lobby  (It’s an hour away. I relish my trips there!), I started working on the reindeer faces.

Step 1: Wash and iron the fabric and shirts.
This is very important so that you can avoid warped material/designs in later washings.

Step 2: Draw a pattern for the face and antlers.
(I just looked at a sampling of reindeer faces on Etsy and Pinterest until I found one that I liked. From there, I free handed until it was close to what I was wanting.)

Step 3: Iron Wunder-Under onto the back of the fabric.
The Wunder-Under comes with an instruction panel. But, it’s really easy. Place the rough side of the W-U on the wrong side of the material. Place a dry, hot iron the W-U and hold for 15-20 seconds. Continue to seal with heat until your whole section is secured.
I measured the approximate amount I would need for 2 reindeer heads before cutting the material and W-U. That helped eliminate a lot of wasted material and transfer paper.

Step 4: Trace your pattern for the head, antlers, and nose onto the back of the Wunder-Under and cut out the designs. (I used a large button as the guide for my reindeer nose.)
tracing on wunder under

Step 5: Remove the backing to the Wunder-Under and place the applique onto the shirt in the desired location.
I laid out the whole face and ironed at the same time, but I assume it could be done piece by piece as well.
removing wunder under laying out applique

Step 6: Place a damp cloth over the applique. Use a hot, dry iron to seal, pressing down for 15-20 seconds. Check to see that the applique is firmly secured. If it is not, apply more heat until firmly in place.
ironing with damp cloth
**Due to time restraints, I waited a couple of days between applying the Wunder-Under  to the material and then sealing the applique to the shirt. This made sealing the applique a bit more difficult. I started using the damp cloth, but it would not adhere properly. Eventually, I used straight heat to the applique and it worked fine.

Step 7: Apply googly eyes. (I saw a lot of patterns that had cloth eyes. That is certainly an option. But, as I said before, I wanted easy. Plus, who doesn’t love googly eyes??)
I used Liquid Stitch to glue these on. I had it on hand and I figured if it works for material, it should work to adhere something to material.
Liquid Stitch Googly Eyes and glue

Step 8: For Evie’s reindeer, I sewed on the bows, which I found in a pkg of 3 at Hobby Lobby.

And ta-da! Easy, breezy Reindeer faces!
Boy Reindeer Girl Reindeer
Oh my word. I die from the cuteness!

For Zeke’s “kuk” shirt, I used the same process. I found a Christmas tree and truck coloring sheet online. From those, I took the basic outline to create his truck and tree. For the wheels, I sewed on two black buttons.
Christmas Truck