A New Year, A New Me, All Gluten-Free

A New Year, A New Me, All Gluten-Free @joyinthesemoments.com“Image courtesy of StuartMiles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net”.


I told myself I wouldn’t jump onto the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon. That’s never been my thing. I know myself well enough to know that I start with good intentions, then convince myself that “Oh, geez. No, you didn’t commit to that. Who would be crazy enough to give up all sodas and work out every day and only eat salads?”
Gradually, I stopped making resolutions and just continued living my life the same way I had before.

This year is a bit different. This year, I actually have some goals that I want to see fulfilled in this coming year. Not in a New Years Resolution sort of way, but in a full-on life change sort of way.

Goal 1:
I often feel overwhelmed with housework, my job, raising my daughter, focusing on my husband, and now I’ve been crazy enough to start a blog!! I want to find a balance for all of this in the coming year.
I’m still not sure how this is going to be accomplished, aside from being more organized (and spending less time watching Hulu Plus); but I am determined to not be stressed about my home (I need to find a “clean enough” compromise) and to spend more time playing with my daughter and relaxing with my husband.

Goal 2:
Fully embrace a gluten-free lifestyle.
Since I was a teenager, I have had trouble with wheat. We noticed the effects of eating wheat primarily in the spring when my allergies were in full gear. If I ate wheat, my allergies were worse and my asthma became a nightmare. My mom and I began the process of exploring the less-than-stellar wheat-free selections at our local CO-OP. I would force my way through the spring, but gorge on breads as soon as summer came.
As I look back, I can see how there were other major signs (depression, clumsiness, fatigue) of a gluten-intolerance, but these were the pre-computer, pre-Google days in our home. So, there was little to no research aside from the out of date books we could find at the library.
Skip forward 15 years and I am still stupidly following the same path that I did when I was 15, 16, 17, etc. I am still cheating – thought not anything like I used to. However, my symptoms have become far worse – brain ataxia, alopecia areata, extreme irritability, muscle aches and pains (think a horrible bout of flu), fatigue, and then all the gastrointestinal issues that are so common with gluten-intolerance and Celiac.
This year, I AM going to live freely. I am going to live free of wheat and gluten. I am going to live a life without aches and pains, brain fog, and I’ll have a happy husband because I’m not irritable all the time due to my lack of control with bread.

*As a way to encourage myself and keep myself accountable, I will be posting gluten-free recipes that I have tried, new tips I find, and general updates on how this whole process is coming along.

Goal 3:
Limit and ultimately eliminate sodas
I am a Dt. Coke junkie. I drink them like water. I know they aren’t good for me, but I have an addiction to the carbonation. I really do. Those bubbles wake me up better than coffee some mornings!
But, my sister loves to tell me that I am killing myself by drinking the aspartame in Diet Coke – and I know she’s right.
Little sister’s got some smarts, y’all.
I also know that by eliminating the sodas, I will have to drink more water. And I know that by drinking more water, I will ultimately see some weight lost.
If I have a major craving for a soda, I will make a healthier option using soda water and flavored Stevia. (A bit of vanilla and orange Stevia makes a great orange creamsicle drink!)

Goal 4:
I have an ultimate goal of losing 100 lbs. I am realistic enough to realize that this is a very long-term goal and I know that losing 100 lbs healthily will not happen in a year. However, by combining Goal 2 and Goal 3, I hope to see some progress with Goal 4.
I also plan to loosely utilize the Simply Filling Technique by Weight Watchers – loosely in that I will not be using whole wheat products (obviously). But Tinkyada has fantastic brown rice pasta that I will substitute as whole grain instead of the required “whole wheat”.
We are also going to get a membership to our area Y. From there I will have options for weights, Zumba, and some step classes.

So, that’s it for me this year. Easy breezy, right? haha
We’ll see.
But in the meantime, I just need to focus on the balance of it all. Balancing my health, family, work, and play.

What about you? Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions or determine to make any life changes?