Netflix, Crockpots, and a White Chicken Chili

White Chicken Chili

Netflix is a wonderful thing in this house.
(And, even though I’m not paid by or affiliated with them, I’m still going to sing their praises. Because that’s how I roll!)

Compared to most, this little family is still living in the dark ages.
HDTV? What’s that? Oh, you don’t have to have some weird antennae to get the news?
Yeah, we do. And I think we only have 1 REAL channel. So, we live off of Netflix and Hulu Plus. (Even with both, it’s cheaper than cable.)

Now, if Netflix is wonderful, I’m pretty sure my crockpot is glorious.  Throw in some beans, some Ro*Tel tomatoes, chicken, cream cheese, and some other yummy ingredients, let it cook for a bit, and you’ve got yourself a warm and filling chili that makes everyone beg for seconds.

Come visit me at Gluten Free with Southern where I’m sharing my White Chicken Chili recipe.


86 thoughts on “Netflix, Crockpots, and a White Chicken Chili

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      • Don’t watch Ghostbusters with Ezra. There are some scary dudes. We entertained Riverlyn with a blanket during those parts. 😀

        As for the corn, it’s not too strong. Or, I don’t think so, anyway.
        You don’t have corn in your diet, though. Right?
        You can easily swap it out for another type of bean – maybe some pintos. I would just add one can, though. 🙂

      • Yeah I’m technically allergic, but I do have it on occasion (nacho chips and salsa have been my favorite cheat as of late!) Substituting with beans is a fabulous idea though!

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    • You could easily increase the amount of chicken, tomatoes, and corn. You could also add in some red or green peppers, some mixed veggies, etc.
      Hope that helps!

  6. You stole this recipe! Here is the original!
    Give credit where it is due!

    • Thank you for your comment. However, I have never been to that site until I clicked on your link.
      I have made this recipe for several years, long before Pinterest and before I started blogging.
      Much like any other recipes, there are many variations and have been passed around for years. If you look closely you will see that there is a similarity, but the recipe is indeed different.
      I would certainly hope I wouldn’t be accused of stealing a pancake recipe or a muffin recipe, just because there is a similar one out on the internet.
      Had I borrowed this recipe, I would have linked back. Much like I did with my Chicken Pot Pie Soup (which I “stole” from Six Sisters).
      Again, thank you for your comment. But, next time, a gentle question or statement would be a better choice.

  7. We do place the cream cheese blocks on top to cook all day correct? Just after done cooking, we mix it in? Sorry if I’m asking a moron question.

  8. Definitely want to make this for my husband, but I’m confused about the cream cheese part. Do I add that in after it’s cooked and then stir it in — or do you add at the beginning of cooking and never stir this while it’s cooking, then when it’s done – fold it in?

    • When I leave the house early, I will put the cream cheese on top and just leave it for the day.
      However, if I’m home, I will add it in about an hour and a half before time to serve.
      Then, just stir it in.

      • This sounds great! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I love the simple dishes that turn out soo yummy!!! I’ve used the croc quite a bit this winter!!! Keep sending more recipes:-)

  9. Question on spiciness – how spicy is it? We have some who love spice in our family and some who cannot tolerate hardly anything spicy. How would you rate this and what makes it milder or stronger? Thank you in advance!

    • I only put one can of Ro-Tel (mild) into my recipe. My husband can’t stand it spicy.
      I would either double the Ro*tel for spice or go to a hotter level (they have mild, regular, and hot).
      Hope that makes sense.

  10. What is going to become the broth? Making this as it reads leaves it very dry. And, am I correct to assume you cook and shred the chicken before adding it to the crockpot?

    • I’m sorry. I thought I replied to this earlier.
      The chicken is raw when it goes into the crockpot, so it produces it’s own liquid. Additionally, the tomatoes and one can of corn have liquid. It is a thick chili, but definitely not dry.

      The chicken becomes very tender as it cooks. It shreds very easily in the crockpot as you stir in the cream cheese.

  11. staying home on this very cold snowy freezing day, your recipe is going to be put to the can’t wait to try…

  12. Putting this in the crockpot right now for tonight. Even though we’re expecting a high of 82 today – it just sounded soooo good 🙂 Love how easy it is to make! I’ll let you know how my family likes it 😉

    • Boneless. 🙂 Just place it in the bottom of the crockpot and when you stir in the cream cheese at the end, the chicken is so tender it pretty much shreds itself.

  13. Silly question but I just found this recipe and it looks so delic that I want to make it for tonight! 🙂 Wondering what the time frame would be with frozen chicken breasts? Thanks for your help and for sharing!!

    • I use frozen chicken breasts in mine, so about 6-8 hours on low. I mix it all up before I leave for work and by the time I get home around 4, the soup is ready to go. Hope that helps.

  14. Just wondering what you suggest serving with it? I see in the picture that you put cheese on top and have taco chips. Is that best? It’s cooking in my crock pot now. I can’t wait to try it!

  15. I’m in a time crunch, can I cook this on high? How many hours should I cook for? Thank you!! Looks delicious!!!

  16. I made this today. It was awesome! I just wish I could get my picky kids to eat it. I served it with tortilla chips and they just ate the chips… Oh well, more for me and my hubby. 🙂

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  20. I believe this is the best sounding White Chicken Chili recipe I’ve ever seen! I will definitely be making this one. Thanks! Looking forward to receiving your posts by email!

    • I’m not sure how well the soup will freeze with the cream cheese in it. However, you could freeze the soup and put the cream cheese in after it is thawed.

    • One time, I had enough that I just warmed them up in the crockpot. I had planned on having the leftovers for dinner, so I just put it on high for awhile.
      Other than that, on the stove or in the microwave. You will probably want a bit of chicken broth to thin it out when you reheat it (that’s what I do anyway).

    • You know, I have never tried, but that is a great idea. 🙂
      It probably wouldn’t be at thick, but I say go for it. I will have to try that next time, as well.

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