Forcing the Pieces – Finding Peace When You Don’t Like Your Place

Forcing the Pieces

Evie got some chunky, wooden puzzles for Christmas this year; and she LOVES those puzzles.
Well, really, she just likes to dump the pieces out and walk away.
She has an aversion to neatness and order, I think.
So, if the pieces are snug and secure in their place and the puzzle is on the wire rack, then destruction is necessary for her world to stay right.

Recently, we had a rare puzzle day.
She got up from her nap and immediately dashed to the ever present pile of puzzle pieces.
Figuring we wouldn’t last more than a minute or two, I sat down to work with her. Amazingly, she tried for about 10 minutes to put the pieces into their spots.
It did take some time to convince her the pieces and the pictures had to match. And really, I still don’t think she agrees with me.
She’s more inclined to grunt, groan, push, and force an octopus piece into a dog cut-out.

Wrong shape.
Wrong puzzle board, even.

As I sat there, helping her place the pieces, I thought about how her actions are like my own.
I hate rules. I hate guidelines. I hate feeling boxed in. I hate feeling like I have to fit into someone’s perfect mold. I hate fitting into places I don’t want to be.
I grunt and groan, whine and moan.
Sometimes, just like she did, I throw a fit.

There are days I don’t like being the piece I’ve been temporarily assigned.
There are days, when I’m the working mom, that I so desperately want to fit into the stay-at-home mom spot.
There are days I don’t always want to be the piece that is working to pay off debt. I want to be the piece that can spend money on a whim.
And, I wish I was the piece that has found a church community, the piece that has a ton of connecting pieces (friends). Not the piece that hasn’t had a girls’ day in 3 years.

There are so many pieces that I just don’t want to be. So many places that I don’t want to fit.
But, that is where I have to go.

To the resting place.

Life does not always turn out the way we want. Dreams are shattered. Jobs are lost. Plans are changed.
But, we can’t  push and force and try to fit the puzzle pieces of our life together. We can try , but it doesn’t change the piece we are at that time. In fact, just like with a normal puzzle, if you force the piece, you risk breaking. You risk damage. You risk ruin.

Instead of forcing our place, we have to surrender and accept.
We have to allow ourselves to go to the one place we fit and it is then that we truly find our place.

In the resting place.

And it is there we fit.

It is there we find peace.

In HIS resting place.

Psalm 91:1
Happy is he whose resting-place is in the secret of the Lord, and under the shade of the wings of the Most High.