I Really Said That??

Things I Said to My Daughter @joyinthesemoments.com
“Evie!!! We don’t wash our face with toilet water!”

“Sweetheart, don’t lick the floor.”

“You’re such a wonderful artist, but sour cream is not used to paint the couch.”

“Baby girl, we swallow our water. We don’t spit it on Daddy’s recliner.”
“NO! We don’t spit the water on Mommy either.”

“I know you like makeup. But, the toilet does not need a layer of foundation.”
(How she got my foundation open, I don’t know.)

“Eve, honey, stop biting your trampoline.”

“Wha..???? Why did you throw your cheese in my water?”

“Gross! We don’t brush the chair/our feet/the entertainment center with our toothbrush!”
(I said all 3 – multiple times.)

This was all before nap time.Pretty sure she was making up for the 3 days she was sick.
If she was, she did it well.
She wore me out. I even had to take a nap!

(Oh, and the house still looks like an F5 tornado hit.)

My husband was just sitting here watching Elmo with Evie. He turns to me and says “I hate this episode. Can we change it?”  He then proceeds to tell me which episodes are ok to watch.

Pretty sure if he and I can sing the songs  and we know the episodes, we need a Sesame Street intervention.


3 thoughts on “I Really Said That??

  1. Haha! I totally hear you on the episodes thing – I carefully choose which episodes of the show that _I_ want to watch when the kids choose to watch that show 😉

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