Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Play

Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Play @joyinthesemoments.com

I love my daughter; but during dinner prep, she turns into something other than my daughter.
I haven’t quite placed the species, but I’m pretty sure it’s not earthly.
She’s whiny, clingy, bursts into tears at any given moment, and then throws the world’s worst tantrums.
And, as much as I’d like to have dinner ready by the time the husband gets home, with this miniature storm cloud in my way, it’s nigh unto impossible.

**Edit….My friends just informed me that she’s still human. She’s just a pre-2. This scares me…it’s like practice for the teen years, just 10 years too early!
They also laugh and say to wait until 3. Not sure I appreciate the laughs when I’m in a fetal position in the corner of my kitchen, though.

Anyway, in the midst of these tears and laughs, my kiddo LOVES to help cook. She’s always cooking in her play kitchen and taking out my pots and pans while I’m cooking. So, last night, I decided to give her some real food to explore and to “cook” while Mommy cooked.

I’ve seen the rainbow spaghetti all over Pinterest, but have just never made it. I don’t know why though! It’s so cheap and incredibly easy to create.

Rainbow Spaghetti:
1 16oz box of spaghetti (cooked)
Ziploc bags (one for each color you choose to create)
food dye

After I had cooked the spaghetti, I separated it into 4 bags, then added the food coloring.
I wanted my noodles to be pretty bright, so I added 10 drops of each color.
Close the bag and shake it up until the noodles are the color you desire.

When the noodles are dyed, choose some fun kitchen bowls, muffin tins, cups, etc for your child to use.
Evie loved moving the noodles back and forth, between the different kitchen supplies.

Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Play @joyinthesemoments.com

Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Play @joyinthesemoments.com
She also really loved eating the spaghetti. Not quite how I envisioned the sensory play going, but whatchya gonna do?

Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Play @joyinthesemoments.com
One thing I will note….There was still some water on some of the noodles. This made for some staining on the kitchen floor. It came up easily, but I was also trying to keep on top of the stains as well.

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