I Gave My Hair Away

I Gave Away My Hair @Joyinthesemoments.com

Ever since I learned about Locks of Love, I’ve wanted to donate my hair. But, by the time I learned about hair donation, I was well into my fickle hair years.
IE: I would cut these locks off at the slightest whim. I can’t begin to tell you how many styles and lengths I had since high school.

In the last few years, though, I’ve let it grow. It was just easier to throw it up in a ponytail while chasing a little munchkin. I was shocked, though, when all of a sudden, my hair was past my shoulder blades. I know that’s normal for some, but when I posted a picture on Facebook, all my close friends were shocked. They didn’t realize it was so long – and they couldn’t remember when or even IF it had ever been that long!
So, I figured it was time to cut and it was time to donate.

It was a MAJOR change and I’m pretty sure my husband was sad that it was shorter than what I had said/thought it would be. BUT, I am loving not having to spend 40 minutes drying and straightening my hair. I’ve shaved off (haha…did you get that? Shaved? Hair? yeah….) probably about 25-30 minutes of my morning routine just by cutting my hair. And not only is the shorter hair helping me of the mornings, but it’s helping someone who may not normally get the chance to fix their hair.

If you are looking to donate, there are many options. These are the three that I considered. I ultimately went with Locks of Love as I had highlights, but all are wonderful ways to give hope and confidence to those suffering from permanent hair loss or dealing with the effects of chemotherapy.

Locks of Love
Provides hair for those who have long-term/permanent hair loss and are financially disadvantaged. Your hair donation must be at least 10 inches long. They will accept color treated.

Wigs for Kids
Provides wigs free of charge for children with hair-loss regardless of permanency of hair loss (ie: children who lose hair from chemotherapy treatments can receive a wig for the duration of their hair loss). Your hair donation must be 12 inches and may not have any form of chemical processing.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Provide free wigs for women with cancer. Hair donations must be 8 inches long, no chemical processing, and no more than 5% gray hair.

So, are you ready for the end results??
Here’s my transformation!

I Gave Away My Hair @Joyinthesemoments.com

This was how long my hair had grown. CRAZY long for me. Yeah, I know it’s not THAT long, but seriously, I used to have a pixie cut. This is like Crystal Gail length. (Don’t get it? Google her. Her hair is INSANE!)

I Gave Away My Hair @Joyinthesemoments.com
No turning back now! It’s all chopped off.

I Gave Away My Hair @Joyinthesemoments.com

So short! But, I really do like it. (Of course, I would have to get it cut when it was below freezing. My neck was not happy with me!)

I Gave Away My Hair @Joyinthesemoments.com
The final product. I love it!

So, are you ready to donate?
Or if you have donated before, who did you use?


4 thoughts on “I Gave My Hair Away

    • Thank you. 🙂
      I have a friend whose sister benefited from Wigs for Kids generosity. I love that there are organizations that see the need for free or discounted wigs.
      And, it’s always nice to give something back – especially when it’s something you’re probably going to do anyway.
      Thanks for stopping in!

  1. Great cause and you look great! I donated once and wanted to again, but like you I get these fickle whims. Then I would bleach my hair, which makes it unusable or cut it. But maybe in a few more years if it’s long enough I will again

    • That’s typically how mine went. Then, I had a baby and I didn’t have the time or money to get it highlighted or cut. haha
      I finally got highlights, then realized it was long enough to donate.

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