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So, why gluten-free? Isn’t that some sort of fad diet?
Well, not for me, it isn’t.

I began noticing that wheat affected me when I was in my early teens. The most obvious signs were increased asthma attacks, blurred vision, and stomach issues (which I didn’t recognize as a sign until more recently). We avoided wheat when my spring allergies were at their worst, then I would go right back to eating wheat as soon as possible. What can I say? I LOVE my breads.

For a pasta and bread lover, that was the hardest thing about the diet. The replacements during that time were horrible – gritty brown rice bread and waxy rice crackers. My town didn’t have a lot of options, but I learned to cope. Fast-forward 20 years (give or take) and I am finally coming into my own with this “gluten-free” thing. I still don’t always like it. I still find myself wanting to cheat at times. However, I have learned that it is not worth it.

I still crave all the goodness my mom made. I miss the crusty bread with broccoli cheese soup at Panera. I miss going to the local bakery and getting an old-fashioned or a sausage roll. But, I know that I can make the same thing – sometimes better – in my own kitchen and not pay a price for it later.  So, I began Gluten Free with Southern Charm.

Some recipes you will find on this blog as I started documenting my gluten-free food on this site. However, it took on a life of it’s own and shadowed my true purpose for Joy in These Moments. So, with those recipes in tow, I created my new blog and continued to add many more delicious, gluten-free foods.

Please join me in my journey and taste how delicious gluten-free can me at Gluten Free with Southern Charm.
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