Fruity Princess Wands

Fruity Princess Wands  @Joy in These Moments
My daughter loves fruit, a fact for which I’m very thankful. However, she can also get a bit creative with her fruit. And, while I’m all for creativity, sometimes I need to gently direct that creativity into something less messy.

She has also started developing an interest in makeup, high heels, tiaras, and Tinkerbell. So, what better way to incorporate her new loves than with a princess wand made of fruit? They’re super easy, incredibly yummy, and fun for any mommy and princess, magician, fairy, or fruit lover. Perfect for a summer day by the pool, a princess tea party, or as my sister suggest, a treat for the 4th of July!

Fruity Princess Wands

1 pt strawberries
1 pt blueberries
2 bananas
2 starfruit
(or whatever fruit you so desire!)
1 package bamboo skewers

Clean your fruit and cut to your preference. Layer onto the bamboo skewers – use your imagination and create all sorts of fun combos.
Top the skewer with a slice of star fruit.
Watch your little enjoy their new fruity wand!

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